7 Expert Tips On Picking A Good PG In Delhi

Choosing where to stay in a foreign city, especially one as intricate and vast as Delhi can be quite a daunting task. As a student or a professional, you probably don’t want to spend large chunks of your free time commuting or running errands. You also don’t want to be mentally preoccupied all the time with safety and maintenance concerns about your accommodation or even your locality. Our real estate experts at The Hostel Yard have curated a comprehensive yet succinct guide with the 7 tips you need to help you navigate this intimidating market so that you know all that you need to know to choose the best PG for yourself in Delhi.

Safety First:

Safety should be your top priority when choosing a PG in Delhi. If you are a female who is looking for a safe Girls PG in Delhi, choose well-lit areas with security measures in place. At The Hostel Yard, we take the safety and security of our residents seriously, all of our properties are equipped with CCTV cameras, biometric access control systems, and 24/7 security guards.


It’s important to consider the amenities available at each PG or hostel in Delhi, such as laundry facilities and a communal kitchen. At The Hostel Yard, we offer a wide range of amenities that cater to the needs of our residents, including high-speed Wi-Fi, regular housekeeping, and 24/7 power backup.


The location of your PG in Delhi is paramount because it impacts every sphere of your day-to-day life. Look for options that are close to your place of study such as a PG near Delhi University or a PG near North Campus. If you work, remember to pick PGs in locations where access to public transportation is easy. At The Hostel Yard, we have properties located in some of the most vibrant and bustling areas of Delhi, ensuring that our residents have easy access to public transportation, shops, restaurants, and other amenities.


Look for a PG in Delhi that offers flexibility in terms of lease agreements and payment plans. Focus on options that fit your budget and offer value for money. Make sure you choose a provider that is transparent and upfront about all costs and charges. At your-space, we offer a range of affordable options for students and young professionals, including short-term leases, with flexible payment plans and we have a clear and transparent pricing policy that includes all costs upfront, so there are no surprises or hidden charges.


The people you live with and around you can have a significant impact, both good and bad, on your living experience. Especially if you are new to Delhi, a warm set of housemates can make you feel right at home and give you the company you need to thoroughly enjoy your stay. Look for a PG in Delhi that offers the option to choose your roommates, or has a screening process in place to ensure compatibility. You can choose to book yourself a single room accommodation if you wish a private space for yourself. At The Hostel Yard, we have a roommate matching system that takes into account factors like lifestyle, habits, and interests to ensure a harmonious living environment.

Rules and Regulations:

Every PG or hostel in Delhi has its own set of rules and regulations that residents must follow. Ensure you read and understand these rules before choosing a PG in Delhi. You don’t want to live in a place which imposes too many restrictions on you such that you are unable to enjoy your stay, but you also don’t want to pick an accommodation so liberal that your safety and wellness are compromised. Some introverts like to go for quieter PGs whereas some extroverts like to be at more socially active PGs so that they can enjoy the pleasure of others’ company. You are the best person to judge your preferences. Do not get carried away by other’s assessment of your personality, choose the setting which speaks to you. Try to choose PGs with clear and transparent rules in place that promote a safe and peaceful living environment for all residents.


It’s important to research the reputation of a PG or hostel in Delhi before choosing it. Look for reviews and testimonials from previous residents to get an idea of their experience. At The Hostel Yard, we are proud of our reputation as one of the leading providers of quality student housing in Delhi, with excellent ratings and positive reviews from our residents.

In summary, when choosing a PG in Delhi, prioritise safety, consider amenities, location, price, roommates, rules and regulations, and reputation. At The Hostel Yard, we happen to offer quality housing that ticks all these boxes by design, making us a very logical choice for students and young professionals looking for comfortable and convenient living spaces in Delhi.

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